Saltmousse-Glow Full Body Exfoliating Treatment

Increase negative ions while fine French Sea Salt and organic fruit extracts enriched with pro-vitamin A carrot seed oil are applied to your body, creating a seawater ambiance. This revolutionary anti-aging saltmousse eliminates dead cells and impurities and re-energizes the skin; a truly unique experience!

60 minutes $125 | Series of three $110 per session

Hydra-Sea Seaweed Body Wrap w/Dry Heat

This therapeutic seaweed wrap detoxifies, firms, hydrates, and re-mineralizes environmentally damaged skin. With the application of a dry heat blanket, moisture is released in the body, which results in improved circulation, muscle oxygenation, and cellular exchange. Treat your body to an experiance designed for uncompromising tastes!

75 minutes $150 | Series of three $132 per session

Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Body Wrap w/Dry Heat

Pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich in protein, enhances your skin’s overall texture, while visibly reducing spongy, cellulite areas. In the most critical areas of the body, dry heat is an effective means to weight loss and cellulite reduction. This slimming and toning blanket stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism, and eliminate water retention. The Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Body Wrap can be performed locally on men as an abdominal shaping sports wrap. Remarkable treatment with proven results!

75 minutes $150 | Series of three $132 per session

Exfoliation & Body Wrap Treatment w/Dry Heat

Let your body feast on a full body exfoliation and wrap! This treatment includes exfoliation, aromatic steam, and deep pore cleansing. Gentle massage with hot towels comfort areas of stress. A warm moisturizer concludes this relaxing treatment.

120 minutes $225 per session